We recognise that music of itself is not worship unto God, but a means or tool through which we praise Him and may enter into worship. Worship is the true expression of love demonstrated by a life lived for Jesus and honouring His Word. Biblical worship may include praise in music and song, but is of itself more a genuine personal humbling before God, the bending of the knee, bowing and being prostrate in the presence of the Almighty. This submission to and acknowlegemnt of God's sovereignty in the fear of God is what we encourage in all believers.

On this page we will make available the audio files from the PFC Chorus and Hymn book as well as some recordings from various sources. We plan to regularly update this page.

The Hymns and choruses used in the Pentecostal Family Church services. Both Accompaniment & Vocals, and Melody Versions are provided. Worship Jesus in Spirit and in truth!

PFC Songbook - Acc&Vocals

PFC Songbook - Melody

Scripture in Song

Sing along with some of the best and most enduring hymns. This is a great way to worship. Words and music are supplied and the videos keep you in tempo, karaoke style.Click on the link below for the playlist, or use the embedded video.

Karaoke HYMNS

Instrumental Hymns/Music

Radio Gospel Music

A selection of Gospel Radio Programs.You can also listen All Southern Gospel Radio station online by clicking the link below. CD quality tracks can be purchased from links on their website.

All Southern Gospel Radio

Southern Gospel Music/Hymns

Audio compilations from the Gaither Homecoming Reunions live concerts. 

The Gaither Homecoming Radio are also available below. These are actual recordings of the radio show which the Gaithers make available for download. Each program is an hour filled with fun, laughter and great gospel singing.